Why Choose KRATm™ by Herbatim

KRATm offers only the highest quality Kratom Capsules and Kratom Powder.

Each strain is hand selected to ensure our customers the finest Kratom products. You will not find advertisements on our website or wasteful information. Only a handful of the highest quality, finely ground Kratom, available in powder or capsules.

Our Kratom powders originate from organically grown trees. Our growers use no pesticides or insecticides in or around the area of the trees. We insist on strict harvesting and clean packaging practices. We also do regular lab testing on all products before they are offered to you.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service that will not only leave you feeling like a VIP customer, but also like a friend. Our simplistic approach to offering only Kratom to our customers is what allows us to provide not only great Mitragyna Speciosa, but wonderful service as our core product.

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